Worried there may be asbestos in your home?

If you are worried there may be asbestos  in your home the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website explains what to look out for.

Need to remove or dispose of asbestos?

Asbestos materials are often best left alone if in good condition and unlikely to get damaged.

We do not carry out asbestos sampling, analysis or removal. We offer general guidance on handling asbestos, and will advise when specialist help may be required.

The information below may answer your queries, but if you have further questions please contact us.

Asbestos removal

You can find specialist asbestos removal contractors in the Yellow Pages or on the internet. If you live in rented accommodation, please speak to your landlord.

Alternatively, if you choose to remove asbestos materials yourself, you should use the correct protective equipment and follow safe working practices - read the advice sheets on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website for more information.

Asbestos disposal

Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority (MWDA) use a contractor to provide an asbestos disposal service to residents with cement bonded asbestos products. Visit the MWDA to find out more.

Asbestos is a hazardous waste and must not be mixed with household waste. Do not put asbestos in your purple wheelie bin.

Report flytipped asbestos

Report flytipping online