Apply for help via the Household Support Fund

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The Household Support Fund is a government scheme that offers local residents help with keeping warm this winter.

Free boiler replacement offer has now ended as the budget is spent. 

What is the fund for?

Winter Warmer Packs offer

  • blankets with a hood - snuggies or oudies 
  • blankets
  • hats, scarfs and gloves
  • thermal clothing
  • hot water bottles
  • room thermometer
  • radiator keys

Energy efficiency measures offer

  • replacement boilers if your boiler is over 10 years old, subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria - this offer has now ended as the budget has been spent
  • boiler repairs
  • radiator reflectors
  • draft excluders

Who can apply?

Both these offers are subject to a home visit and evidence of eligibility. The offer of boiler repairs and boiler replacements is also subject to a technical survey.

Priority is given to the applicants living in households:

  • with no visible means of support
  • a low income of less than £31,000 gross or in receipt of a means-tested benefits
  • entitled to but not claiming benefits
  • where children are in receipt of free school meals when the household income threshold is £7,300 - £7,900 per year
  • in receipt of Housing Benefit - this applies for Winter Warmer Packs only
  • which experience disproportionately high heating costs to manage a disability or health condition

How to apply

Please call Healthy Homes on freephone 0800 012 1754 to apply for help.

What happens next?

You will get a call back to arrange a home visit within 10 working days. We will allocate this funding on a first-come-first served basis.

Additional help from the Energy Company Obligations Scheme

Energy Company Obligations (ECO4) is a government scheme designed to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions. It places an obligation on certain energy companies to deliver energy efficiency measures to a domestic property.

To qualify for ECO4 you must be an owner occupier, or a tenant of a private landlord, in receipts of certain benefits. Check if you qualify by contacting your energy supplier (OFGEM) or contact Simple Energy Advice.