Join the housing register

If you're interested in applying for affordable housing you must join the Property Pool Plus Housing Register. 

Am I eligible?

Property Pool Plus gives priority to local people who need a home and can't afford to buy or rent privately. You can join the register if:

  • you're aged 16 or over
  • you're a UK national or a person not subject to immigration control
  • you don't own your own home or have equity to secure the accommodation you need
  • you and your family will make good tenants

How to register

You'll need the following information to hand before you start the process:

  • Full names and dates of birth of everyone to be included in your registration for rehousing
  • National Insurance Number for all adults who are to be rehoused with you
  • 5 year address history for all adults who are to be rehoused with you
  • If you rent your current accommodation, your landlords name address and contact details
  • Nationality, ethnic origin and immigration status of everyone who is to be rehoused with you
  • Equalities monitoring information including ethnic origin, religion, sexuality, disability for anyone who is to be rehoused with you
  • Details of any unspent criminal convictions and contact details of Probation Office (if applicable), for anyone who is to be rehoused with you
  • Details of any Armed Forces service including dates of service, for anyone who is to be rehoused with you
  • You will also need a pen and paper or other means of noting your login reference number, as this will be issued to you during the application process.

Register online via Property Pool Plus

If you can't access the online form, you can request a paper application form from one of the participating landlords.

If you have health issues that are directly affected by your current housing you may also need to complete a Health and Welfare form to support your application which will be sent to you by the landlord who will manage your application.

About Property Pool Plus

Property Pool Plus is a choice based lettings service that is used in Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, Wirral and Halton. It is designed to offer increased choice and allows applicants who are looking for affordable housing to see what vacant properties are available, and express an interest in selecting a suitable new home.

Housing Associations are required to make at least half of their empty properties available to the council to offer to suitable applicants from the Property Pool Plus Register. 

When a property is available the Housing Associations will advertise the property on the Property Pool Plus website and if you're on the register you'll be able to consider the properties that are available and make a bid.

How we prioritise applicants

Once you have joined and been accepted you can log on to Property Pool Plus and choose which property you are interested in. We prioritise applications by waiting time and housing needs based on the following banding system:

Band A - Urgent priority

  • Health/welfare (urgent)
  • Statutory homeless (unintentionally with priority need)
  • Regeneration
  • Overcrowded (two or more bedrooms)

Band B - High priority

  • Health/welfare (high) including care leavers, people ready to move on from supported accommodation, members of the Armed Forces within 3 months of discharge, living in social housing where adaptations are no longer needed, homeless prevention.
  • Overcrowded (one bedroom)
  • Disrepair
  • Under occupation

Band C - Medium priority

  • Health/welfare (medium) including people whose relationship has broken down.
  • Homeless (no priority need)
  • Homeless (intentional with priority need)
  • Living with family and friends or separated households

Band D - Low priority

  • No assessed need an in employment

Band E - No priority

  • No assessed need and not in employment

Band F - Reduced priority

  • Reduced preference status due to unacceptable behaviour, or rent arrears.

You'll only be able to make bids for properties that you're eligible for.  The property advert will state the criteria of who can be considered.  This will depend on band, bedroom requirement and any other special requirements that have been specified by the landlord.

Which housing associations are on Property Pool Plus?

You will find an up-to-date list of participating landlords on the Property Pool Plus in the registered landlords section.

If you want to register with housing associations which are not on Property Pool Plus, you can apply directly with each landlord.

Some housing associations also maintain their own housing registers in addition to Property Pool Plus.  These include Cobalt Housing, Liverpool Housing Trust, South Liverpool Housing and Pierhead Housing Association. You can make direct or dual applications to these landlords.