Reception late applications

If your child is due to start Reception in September 2021 and you have missed the official closing date of 15th January 2021, you can submit a late application.

Process for late applications

Forms received after 15th January 2021 but before 20th March 2021

Preference forms received after the closing date will be considered as late applications unless there is a valid reason for the application being late e.g. change of address, change in a medical condition or exceptional circumstances.

We will continue to process late applications and send the information to schools and other local authorities. However, schools and local authorities may have late application policies which means that applications received on time will be given priority over late applications.

Forms received after 20th March 2021

  • Late applications with a valid reason will be placed on a waiting list if the school is oversubscribed.
  • Late applications without a valid reason will be considered after those applications considered on time.
  • If the school has places available the child will be offered a place at that school.

Note: If your preference form is received after the closing date we cannot guarantee to send the offer email/letter out on 16th April 2021.

Submit a late application

You can submit a Reception late application online from 16th January 2021, one day after the official closing date.