St Edward's College

About the School

Gender Mixed
School Type Secondary
Religious Character Roman Catholic
Main Specialism: Language (Operational)
Contact Information
Head Teacher Mr Stephen Morris
Address North Drive L12 1LF
Telephone 281 1999

Ofsted performance

Check the latest performance report on the Ofsted website

Pupil Allocation Information

This year's admissions intake
Intake (PAN) 170
Last year's admissions intake
Pupil admission number 170
Pupils allocated 170
Children allocated to their preferred school by preference 1st 163
2nd 6
3rd 1
4th 0
5th 0
None 0
Number of parents expressing each preference 1st 422
2nd 353
3rd 246
4th 104
5th 81
Distance of the last child admitted in the last admission intake (miles) Please check with school for last category admitted under and distance tie break information


Documents you'll need as part of your application for this school:

Visit school website Download admissions policy and supplementary application forms from school website.
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