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Current tenders

This page features all current tenders with a value of £20k and over.

These tenders also appear on The Chest. To register with The Chest for regular updates on new tender opportunities, please go to the 'Suppliers' area' on the site and click on 'Register free'.

Tenders with a value that exceeds the current EU threshold will also be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union.

You can download our Guide to Conducting Business with LCC for help with tendering.

Please note that all tender details may be subject to amendments without prior notice.

To view our current contracts please visit the contract register on The Chest website.

Updates of the Liverpool Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), Employment Land Study (ELS) and Open Space Study (OSS)

The City Council is seeking to appoint consultants (either a single firm or consortium of consultants) to update the City’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), Employment Land Study (ELS), and Open Space Study (OSS) in a way which will meet the requirements of the NPPF and ensure a robust basis for Local Plan policies and allocations. It should be noted that a study to consider the quantitative and qualitative needs for retail and leisure uses in the City will be undertaken separately by the City Council’s retained retail consultants.

Tender Ref:
9PBH 3654LK
Closing Date:
Wednesday 29 October 2014 9:00 AM

Supervised Family Contact

The provision of supervised contact for families and children in Liverpool, subject to social care intervention, is managed by the Family Support Team. This Team is situated in the Family Support Service within the Integrated Services for Children and Young People Business Group of Liverpool City Council.

 The Family Support Team manages all referrals from Liverpool Social Work teams who require supervised contact. The service is delivered by utilising the internal resources of the City Council and approved external agencies.

 The legal basis for providing this service is enshrined in the Children’s Act 1989 that states the Local Authority has a duty to promote contact between children who are living away from home and their families.

 In addition this is supported by The Human Rights Act, article 8 which defines the right to family life and that a failure to promote contact at the correct level both in terms of frequency and level of support provided could be argued as contrary to an individual's human rights.

 Liverpool City Council is seeking to appoint a contractor to supply a supervised contact service to families and children which will be required to meet current and projected future levels of work.


Tender Ref:
9PUJ - NF3403
Closing Date:
Wednesday 05 November 2014 12:00 PM

Artistic Practitioners

Culture Liverpool has a pool of practitioners to develop and deliver the creative programmes for 2011 onwards. We are looking to identify people with varying levels of experience for the pool to produce, manage, co-ordinate and administrate a variety of creative projects for the coming programmes.

Tender Ref:
PQQ 1089
Closing Date:
Friday 30 October 2015 12:00 AM