Grave headstones

If you are having a headstone erected to a new or existing grave, or adding an inscription in memory of the deceased, you must use memorial masons who have signed up to Liverpool's Memorial Masons' Charter.

Memorial masons must abide by certain criteria to operate within the city cemeteries and get permission from the person holding the Right of Burial to the grave before starting any work.

Your chosen memorial mason must also submit an application to the council which has been signed by the Right of Burial holder.

We will cross reference these details with statutory information that we hold relating to the grave, burials and the current holder of Right of Burial.

The memorial mason can only carry out work when we have issued a permit.

Health and safety

Every headstone that is erected or re-erected must use ground fixing anchors.

This will prevent the headstone from falling or being pushed over and causing physical harm.

Your chosen memorial mason can give you further advice.

Headstone insurance

Grave owners are responsible for the safety of memorial headstones.

If a headstone falls or causes damage to something or someone you can be held responsible.

A headstone can also be an expensive purchase.  If it gets damaged, it can leave you with a large unexpected cost to repair.

With this in mind, we recommend you take out an appropriate insurance policy.

Memorial Protect, underwritten by Zurich, is a headstone insurance policy which covers vandalism, accidental damage (i.e. by lawnmowers), subsidence, falling trees, storms and adverse weather.

It also includes £2 million public liability cover.

You pay once and the headstone is covered by the insurance for 5 years. You will have the option to renew, renew automatically or cancel the insurance policy.

Get a quote from Memorial Protect

For more details about this policy or a quotation call 0161 830 7564 or email

Liverpool City Council is not responsible for insurance policies or claims. Please read the small print and policy documents before purchasing insurance.