Grave headstones

New stones or additional inscriptions

Following a burial in either a new or a reopened one, it is possible to have a new headstone erected in memory of the deceased. You can also have an additional inscription added to an existing headstone.

The City has a Memorial Masons' Charter which only allows memorial masons who agree to abide by certain criteria to operate within city cemeteries. When arranging for a headstone to be erected or re-erected it is please ensure that the memorial mason has signed up to this Charter.

When arranging any work on a memorial it is important to remember that no work can be carried out without the authority of the person holding the Right of Burial to the grave.

Your memorial mason will submit an application form to the Council signed by the owner of Right of Burial.

These details are cross referenced with statutory information held at Allerton Cemetery Lodge relating to the grave, burials within and the current holder of Right of Burial. Only when a permit is issued to the memorial mason can any work be carried out.

To make sure that cemeteries are a safe place to visit for years to come, every headstone that is erected or re-erected must be done so using ground fixing anchors.

This will prevent the headstone from falling or being pushed over and causing physical harm.

This is a requirement of the City Council and is not simply a request of the memorial mason involved. Headstones will not be permitted without the ground fixing anchors.

Your chosen memorial mason can give you further advice.