Land and property

Property management and legal services case fees

The following fees are for guidance only and may vary depending on the extent or complexity of the work involved. 

  • Table A indicates how much the surveyor's fee will be for each type of case that is dealt with by the property team.
  • Table B indicates the additional legal fees that will be payable if a legal document is required.

Surveyor's fees for cases dealt with by the property team

The standard non-refundable fee for opening a new case (deducted from total surveyor fees on completion) is £1000.

Table A: Surveyor's fees

Task description Scale fee Minimum fee
Councillor enquiries On demand -
General enquiries On demand -
Inter service agreements On demand -
Release of lease, tenancy or licence a, b, c £1500
Renewal of inter service agreement On demand -
Renewal of tenancies taken On demand -
Lease surrender or expiry a, b, c £1500
Vacants On demand -
Breach or termination a, b, c £1500
Squatters On demand -
Repairs monitoring On demand -
Assignment (residential) a £1500
Assignment (non-residential) a £3000
Subletting a £3000
Insurance On demand -
Rent review On demand -
Sale under leasehold reform acts On demand £1500
Rent charges On demand -
Advert enquiries On demand -
Service charges On demand -
Agricultural tenancies On demand -
Advisory service to clients On demand -
Rating assessment for revaluation On demand -
General rating advice On demand -
General management On demand -
Housing shops On demand -
Advance factory units On demand -
Rent collection On demand -
Variation of lease covenants - £1500 up to 5% of price
Schedule of dilapidation On demand -
Schedule of repair On demand -
Priced schedule of dilapidation On demand -
Priced schedule of repair On demand -
Site inspections On demand -
Repair and maintenance On demand -
Lease plan approval - £1500
Retrospective lease plan approval - £1500
Plan production On demand  
New lettings a, b, c £3000
Surrender and renewal a, b, c £3000
Miscellaneous sites On demand  
Repairs and maintenance capital scheme On demand  
Committee support or attendance On demand  
Removal of restrictive covenant - £3000
Tenancies taken On demand -
Pre-emption a £1500
Luncheon clubs On demand -
Wayleaves - £1500
Accommodation search On demand -
Planning applications On demand -
Schedule of condition On demand -
Planned maintenance schedule On demand -
Structural survey and report On demand -
Fire insurance valuation On demand -
Residential disturbance (negotiated) On demand -
Residential disturbance (standard) On demand -
Home loss payments On demand -
Sale by tender a, b, c £1500
Sale by auction a, b, c 2% of sale price (1% legal fees) with a minimum fee of £1500 Property Team and £1000 Legal Team.
Sale by private treaty a, b, c £1500
Land for garden extensions (£100/m2 for valuations) a, b, c £1500
Sales to statutory undertakes a, b, c £1500
Grant of easements a, b, c £1500
Right to buy valuations On demand -
Council depots On demand -
Owner occupier valuations - £1500
Improvement grant valuations On demand -
Environmental health valuations On demand -
Derelict land grant applications On demand -
Estimates for disposal revenue On demand -
Miscellaneous service tenancies On demand -
Miscellaneous advice On demand -
Estimates DLG negotiations On demand -
Rating appeal (by agreement) On demand -
Rating appeal (local valuation tribunal) On demand -
Rating appeal (lands tribunal) On demand -
Gas (safety) regulations On demand -
Party Wall Act On demand -
LPE 1   £500


Scale A

Based on a charge per hour depending on the scale of the surveyor.

Scale A: Time basis

Staff level Charge per hour
1a: AD £120
1b: Team leader £100
2: Chartered senior valuer or Chartered building surveyor £90
3: Valuer, land or building surveyor £70
4: Graduate surveyor £40
5: Technician or administration staff £40

Scale B

  • 10% of passing rent.
  • Where the rent is phased, the fee will be 10% of the average rent.

Scale C

  • 5% on sale price or premium

Legal fees for property transactions

The table below indicates how much the legal fee will be for each type of case that is dealt with by the Legal Services Team in connection with a property transaction.

Table B: Legal fees for property transactions

Type of transaction Minimum fee
Sale or purchase of property (residential) From £1500
Sale or purchase of property (commercial) From £1000
Sale of strip of land (residential) £500
Lease (grant of) £1000
Lease extension (new lease) £1000
Enfranchisement of a house £1200
Collective enfranchisement From £2000
Deed of variation of residential and commercial leases From £750
Deed of surrender of lease £500
Copy of lease £50
Licences to assign, underlet, change user and alter leases £750
Notice of assignment or charge of a lease or other notice (unless stipulated in the lease) £80
Deed of variation (miscellaneous) From £750
Deed of release £750
Deed of covenant on assignment of lease £300
Licence to occupy £550
Letter of consent for postponement of the council's RTB discount charge for RTB property £200
Mortgage redemption £150
Easement, wayleave, licence (as in right of way) From £550
Deed of release of easement or covenant (residential) £500
Deed of release of easement or covenant (commercial) £500
Crane licence of land £785
Simple overhand licence under s177 Highways Act 1980 £600
Auction properties 1% of purchase price
Capital receipt matters 4% of agreed purchase price
Freehold reversions £375
Pathfinder schemes and homes for a pound £285
Court of protection sales £500
Removal of restrictive covenants From £375
Photocopying charges per sheet £1.20