Youth violence prevention - Education and schools

A SAFE Taskforce and providing violence reduction learning in schools are some of the ways we are supporting young people in education settings across Liverpool.

SAFE Taskforce Liverpool

The SAFE Taskforce is a group of mainstream secondary schools working together with other multi-agency structures and local experts to support young people at risk of serious violence and re-engage them in their education.

The interventions will help:

  • Support young people with challenging behaviour.
  • Attend school regularly.
  • Fulfil their potential.
  • Exceed their expectations.

The Department for Education has allocated £3.7 million of funding over a 3-year period for the Taskforce to invest in and commission school focused interventions to reduce involvement in serious violence and improve attendance at school. It will also help with behaviour in school and within the community, and improve social and emotional regulation and wellbeing.

In Liverpool, the SAFE project is facilitated by the All Saints Multi Academy Trust. For enquiries about this project, please contact Cait Cunningham, Project Co-ordinator at

Guidance for schools

Violence reduction learning

Sensitivity is required when delivering violence reduction learning in schools, even more so following a traumatic event.

The Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership (MVRP) has produced guidance for schools who wish to pursue structured activities. 

Download 'Delivering violence reduction learning in schools - A guide for Merseyside schools' from the MVRP website.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Programme

This Peer leadership programme is being delivered in 10 secondary schools across Liverpool with an aim to change behaviours and attitudes to violence over time.

It covers gender-based violence at its core, with other topics identified by the year 7 to 8 'mentees' to make most relevant to their needs and concerns in each school. The programme includes a session on weapon carrying.

Find out more about the programme on the MVP website.

Film and drama productions

To the Edge

'To the Edge' is a candid, hard-hitting 24 minute film and education pack addressing issues such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), County Lines and knife crime. 

The film is used in secondary schools to prompt discussion and interactive sessions. It aims to raise awareness, challenge entrenched cultural norms and change behaviours. It is delivered in conjunction with Police Safer Schools Officers.

Ariel Trust Grassing or Grooming teacher training

Although not directly related to knife crime, this is a resource for Key Stage 2 (ages 9-11) teachers to use classroom resources to raise awareness of and reduce the risk of a child or young person being criminally exploited. 

Visit the Ariel Trust website for more information about this resource.

Perception Theatre

CUT is an applied theatre production centred around knife crime and youth violence. It explores how a needless dispute at school causes a teenager to be stabbed and killed. Cut explores:

  • A young person's choice to carry a knife
  • Peer pressure
  • Drugs and alcohol misuse
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • How a knife crime can shatter relationships

The target audience for the project is:

  • Young people aged 13 plus, year 9 plus
  • Parents, carers, guardians
  • Teachers
  • Professionals working with young people
  • The police and youth offending teams

CUT aims to:

  • Inspire change by making young people aware of actions and consequences.
  • Create safer communities for all.
  • Raise awareness around the repercussions of carrying a knife.
  • Raise awareness around the long-term impact knife crime and youth violence can have on a person's physical and mental health.

Visit the Perception Theatre website for more information about its work and productions.