Communities and safety

What to do in an emergency

In any major emergency, and particularly a chemical-related emergency, residents in the affected area must...

  • go in

  • stay in

  • tune in

This means that you should:

  • go indoors immediately
  • close all windows
  • avoid cellars and basements
  • stay in a room away from any industrial area
  • tune into the radio - regular updates will be given, including the all clear once the emergency is over

City centre emergencies

You can download a leaflet with advice on what to do during different types of emergencies that could happen in our city centre.  

The map in this leaflet provides details of a zoning system for the city centre. Please make a note of the zone you are in as you may be required to re-locate to another zone in an emergency situation.

How to prepare for an emergency

Let’s get ready Liverpool is the council’s emergency planning campaign and provides advice and guidance on what you can do to prepare yourselves and your family for those unwanted events in our lives – such as power cuts or floods.

It has a checklist of items that every household should have at all times, in case of an emergency.