Communities and safety

Working with partners

To ensure an appropriate level of preparedness, as well as an effective multi-agency response to emergency incidents, the Civil Contingencies Act determines that there should be a local resilience forum.

Merseyside Resilience Forum 

The Merseyside Resilience Forum (MRF) brings together all organisations within the Merseyside Police Force area that have a duty to co-operate under the act, along with others who would be involved in any response to an emergency.

The council is part of the MRF and works closely with its partner agencies to look at plans, policies and procedures to ensure everyone works well together. Exercises to test these plans are frequently carried out.

Community risk register

To determine what the highest risks of an emergency are in Merseyside, the forum has created a community risk register that examines the likelihood of hazards and the impact they would have.

Download the community risk register for Merseyside on the Merseyside Prepared website