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3D Secure 2

Our online payments system uses 3D Secure 2 (also known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) for added security and fraud prevention when paying for goods or services online.   

Before making an online card payment to Liverpool City Council please check with your card issuer that your credit or debit card is enabled for 3D Secure 2. This will reduce the likelihood of experiencing any issues during the transaction. 

What 3D Secure 2 means for payers

3DS2 requires 2-factor authentication, and will ask you for additional information to complete your transaction. Usually, this means you will be asked to enter a short code sent via SMS from your bank or asked to enter a password.

3DS2 does not apply to:

  • any transactions where either the merchant or payer is outside the EEA
  • merchant initiated payments, for example subscriptions
  • telephone payments

Some payments may be exempt from 3DS2:

  • low value transactions, for example for those under £30
  • low risk transactions when the Payment Service Provider (PSP) has low fraud levels across all its platform
  • corporate payments (unless the corporate card is in the name of an individual)

If your payment fails with the message '3D-Authentication failed', this means your bank has not authorised payment because you are not enrolled for 3D Secure 2 or you have failed 3D Secure 2 authentication and possibly entered an incorrect password or security details during the transaction. Please contact your bank if this happens and provide any relevant information to them so they can investigate any issue.

Visit 'pay for council services' for alternative ways to pay.