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Public Health Annual Report (PHAR)

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The Director of Public Health is the foremost advisor on health for the city.

The Annual Report of the Director of Public Health is a statutory function and forms an element of the strategic planning process for improving population health and reducing health inequalities together with the JSNA process and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy process.

Public Health Annual Reports can be comprehensive or may focus on a particular theme and usually present a set of recommendations for future action. 

Annual report for 2023

This year's annual report focuses on culture and communities. Our public health efforts shone through the Eurovision Song Contest, which highlighted our city's inclusive and vibrant spirit. It also showed our commitment to inclusivity through initiatives like EuroGrant, EuroStreet and EuroLearn.

It was an opportunity to engage with our communities to promote healthier lifestyles and wellbeing. But our dedication to public health goes beyond major events - we are addressing ongoing challenges like the cost of living crisis, which affects our most vulnerable communities.

By understanding cultural contexts and fostering strong community ties, we aim to create effective policies and interventions. Working with community champions has improved vaccination rates and mental health awareness. Campaigns like Save Kids from Sugar target childhood health inequalities.

We remain committed to reducing health disparities and improving wellbeing through culture and community engagement.

Read the annual report for 2023 - Culture and Communities.

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