Public Health Liverpool

What is public health?

Public Health Liverpool aims to help residents in Liverpool to live healthier and happier lives. Public Health focuses on preventing people from getting ill in the first place.

What does Public Health Liverpool do?

We provide system leadership and advocate for the improvement and protection of the health of the population of Liverpool. This includes an emphasis on the reduction of health inequalities.

We provide expert public health advocacy and advice to Liverpool City Council colleagues, The NHS, our partners and the public.

We promote the use of evidence, high quality intelligence, local behavioural insight and research to define need and improve the decision-making of Liverpool City Council and partners to maximise health outcomes.

We work with partners to support research for the benefit of our local population.

We provide strategic coordination of population health and wellbeing programmes including - children and young people, chronic disease prevention, sexual health, addictions, health improvement and health protection.

We also commission preventative and treatment services, working across the council, with the NHS and other partners. These services include:

  • School nursing and health visitor service
  • Healthy Child Programme 0-19 years
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health services
  • Tobacco control
  • Specialist substance misuse and alcohol services
  • Immunisation and screening
  • NHS health check assessment

We also encourage people to live healthier lifestyles with a range of advice on stopping smoking, drinking less and how to enjoy being active:

Through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), we identify the key issues affecting the health and wellbeing of our residents, both now and in the future.  The JSNA forms the basis of all commissioning plans across health, social care, public health and children's services. This ongoing process includes reviewing a wide range of information and data, as well as service user and community views.