Working with partners

Merseyside Local Resilience Forum

Organisations are represented at the Merseyside Local Resilience Forum. We work closely with partner agencies and look at plans, policy and procedures on a multi-agency basis to ensure that they all complement and work well together. Exercises to test these plans are also carried out frequently.

Why do we need a partnership?

Under the Civil Contingencies Act the principal mechanism for multi-agency co-operation at a local level is the Local Resilience Forum. The Merseyside Forum is based on the Merseyside Police Force area and brings together all the organisations which have a duty to co-operate under the act, along with others who would be involved in the response to an emergency.

It ensures that there is an appropriate level of preparedness to enable an effective multi-agency response to emergency incidents which may have a significant impact on Merseyside communities.

Risk assessment

To determine what the highest risks of an emergency are in Merseyside, the forum has carried out a risk assessment. This examines the likelihood of hazards occurring in Merseyside and the impact they would have. Following this process, we have produced a community risk register for Merseyside, which identifies any potential risks that may affect the local community.

Our partners

Our partner agencies are listed below.