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Weed spraying schedule

Find out when we will be spraying streets in your area.

We spray roads, paths and alleyways twice between April and October each year. We use a controlled droplet application to reduce the amount of glyphosate, the active chemical that is released.

Please use the lookup tool below to find out when your street is due to be sprayed. This search is not a postcode look-up, you need to search by street name.

Find weed spraying dates for your road

Start typing the name of your street (at least 3 letters) and then choose your street from the list.

While every effort is made to keep to this schedule up to date, there may be times when issues such as bad weather, roadworks or problems with our vehicles prevent us coming out on the day.

What happens next?

It takes up to 15 days for weeds to start dying back once they have been sprayed. We then remove the dead foliage manually and mechanically.

Extra visits are carried out in areas where weeds are known to be resistant, and we will respond to requests to spray in areas not already covered by our schedule. 

If you still have weed growth in your street 15 days after we have sprayed, or you think a street needs spraying, please let us know by reporting a ground maintenance issue.