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Notice of allotment rent increase

We have written to all Liverpool allotment holders to notify them of a rental increase for 2024.

The increase was announced in last year's rent notification circulated to each allotment site in December 2022.

2024 plot rental charges

The annual plot rental charges for the tenancy period 1st January to 31st December 2024:

  • Full plot: £55.00
  • Over 60s concession: £27.50

2025 plot rental charges

Plot rental charges for 2025 will be issued in December 2023.

Reason for increase

Allotments continue to provide excellent value for money, despite the council losing a significant proportion of its local government funding.

Increases in allotment rents have, wherever possible, been kept to a minimum. However, for the service to remain sustainable and cost neutral to residents, plot rental fees must be revaluated.