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Library computer terms of use

Code of Conduct for library computers

Liverpool City Council makes every effort to minimise risks to users of public computers, it is neither responsible nor accountable for much of the material accessible through them. Liverpool City Council accepts no responsibility for any financial loss, personal harm, offence or distress caused as a direct or indirect consequence of using its computers. 

We ask our customers to act responsibly when using library computers and to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. You must conduct yourself honestly and appropriately, and comply with all legal requirements.
  2. You are responsible for complying with copyright law and licensing regulations when printing or saving information or documents.
  3. You must not search for, view, copy, download or print any material which is obscene, illegal, extremist, or may cause offence to others. If you accidentally connect to an Internet site with such material, you must disconnect immediately.
  4. You must not view live television programmes.
  5. You must not damage any library devices - computers, iPads, printers, copiers etc - or interfere with electrical plugs and cables. You must not alter, amend or delete any of the settings or programs on library computers, iPads or other devices. This includes changes to home pages, history, Internet browser, desktop or wallpaper.
  6. You may only save, copy or download files to a removable storage device or to a designated area of the hard drive. Files saved on the hard drive will not be retained but they may be visible to other users before they are deleted if you fail to log off.
  7. When visiting chat rooms, forums or newsgroups you must not use language that may cause offence and you must disconnect if such language is used by other chat room participants. Be careful when giving personal contact information in a chat room.
  8. You must not use library computers or other library devices to attempt to propagate any virus or other software with malicious intent. Please take care when opening unsolicited emails.
  9. You may only log on with your own library card. You must not use someone else's account to access information. Using someone else’s account may result in that account being disabled.
  10. Consumption of food and drink is not permitted at public computer workstations in all libraries for health and safety reasons. 

All use is monitored, and all computer transactions are recorded.

If you misuse library computers you will be asked to leave and may be refused access in future.

Use by children

Children are welcome to use library computers. The code of conduct applies to children as well as adults, but in addition:

* Children under 16 may not use chat-rooms (including Facebook) or YouTube.

Please note that the parent or guardian of a child who misuses library computers will be required to sign a consent form to allow further use.