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Read Liverpool is our e-Reading service where you can browse and download books, audiobooks, magazines and comics to your phone, tablet or e-reader.

If you're new to Read Liverpool, you'll need to download some free software to access some of our resources. 

You can browse e-resources without a login, but if you want to download any of our resources you'll need to join a Liverpool library.

I've used Read Liverpool before

If you've used Read Liverpool before and know what you're doing, go straight to Read Liverpool.

I'm new to Read Liverpool

1. Join or register

To use Read Liverpool you'll need a library card and PIN.

  • If you live, work or study in Liverpool you can join online today to get instant access to Read Liverpool e-resources.
  • If you're already a library member with a membership card, you can register online to activate your account.
  • If you don't live, work or study in Liverpool, use this form to request a card and we'll get in touch with you. Please note, you will not be able to borrow ebooks or audiobooks if you do not live, work or study in Liverpool.

Join or register

2. Download and install some software

To use Read Liverpool you'll need to install some free software that allows you to download material to your device or PC.

Read Liverpool uses services called Libby and Pressreader, run by Overdrive, to deliver our ebooks and audiobooks. Pressreader delivers our newspapers and magazines.

You'll find the instructions for setting up a range of devices on the Read Liverpool help pages. Alternatively, follow the 'set up' guides for each of the resources below on Read Liverpool:

 3. Start borrowing

ebooks and audiobooks

Browse ebooks and audiobooks on Read Liverpool.

  • You can borrow up to 8 titles.
  • ebooks are returned automatically but you can click 'return' before the final date if you've finished it.
  • You can renew a title within three days of its expiration date.
  • You can place a book on hold or cancel a hold through your account.
  • More information about borrowing ebooks and audiobooks.

e-magazines and comics

Browse e-magazines and newspapers on Read Liverpool.

  • You don't need to return a magazine or comic after you've read it, but we recommend you delete them so it doesn't impact the memory on your device.

Reference sites

Browse reference sites on Read Liverpool.

  • Our reference sites are all free of charge and you can access them from home or the library with your library card.
  • All reference sites ask for the whole of your library card number including the LVP prefix.
  • If you have joined online, and your library card number begins with "H", please prefix your number with "LVP1" (and omit the H).