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e-scooters for hire

400 e-scooters are available to hire in the city centre and surrounding areas including Toxteth, Dingle and Kensington, as well as key transport hubs and hospitals.

The scheme is a joint initiative run by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Liverpool City Council and e-scooter company VOI.

How do I hire an e-scooter?

We offer a range of road safety education and training programmes for people of all ages in Liverpool. You can download the 'VOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheels' app from You can also call VOI on 0800 3768179 or email for support.

  • e-scooters cost £1 to unlock, plus £0.20 per minute - unlimited daily and monthly passes will also be available
  • users must have at least a provisional driving licence to hire an e-scooter - it is against the law to ride an e-scooter on a pavement
  • you can hire one at city centre hospitals including the Royal Liverpool and Women’s Hospitals - with 50% discount available to NHS staff
  • users are encouraged to use hand sanitiser and wear gloves

To help prevent transmission of Covid-19, all vehicles are disinfected daily and handlebars are wrapped in Shieldex Copper-Tape which kills 99.98% of coronavirus on contact.

Do I need to report an e-scooter left on a street?

No. Users can just leave them on the street when they have finished with them. A GPS tracker signals to the VOI team to collect them.

Incorrectly parked vehicles can be reported via the VOI online reporting form. You can also call VOI on 0800 3768179 or email