Report an abandoned or untaxed vehicle

When we remove a vehicle

If the police tell us about a vehicle that is of no interest to them, we will investigate to see if it is abandoned or untaxed.

We do not have a duty to remove an untaxed vehicle but we may do so if it is:

  • in a business car park - including pubs, shops, garages or council premises
  • on a road including private or un-adopted roads

If we decide a vehicle is abandoned, we will remove it. The keeper may then be prosecuted.

Report a vehicle

To report an abandoned or untaxed vehicle use the Merseyside PoliceĀ Anti-Social Behaviour form below or call 101.

Report a vehicle to Merseyside Police

How to find a seized vehicle

To find your vehicle, you must contact the police on 101 and ask for the name and number of the contractor who holds it.

You must then call the contractor, pay removal and storage fees, and arrange for the collection of the vehicle within seven days.

Vehicles left for more than seven days are normally destroyed.

Vehicles abandoned on private land

If you own the land where the vehicle is, you may be able to remove it yourself but we suggest you take legal advice.

We cannot give landowners legal advice in these circumstances.