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St John's Gardens

This memorial garden is part of the William Brown Street conservation area in the city centre, and lies adjacent to the magnificent St George's Hall. It's a beautiful place to relax or have a picnic, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

St John's Gardens

St John's Gardens

Pedestrian entrances on William Brown Street and St John's Lane in the city centre.

William Brown Street, L1 1JJ

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Formerly a church and cemetery, the terraced sculpture gardens display listed monuments from the late Victorian and Edwardian era including:

  • Alexander Balfour monument, a merchant shipowner
  • Regimental monument, memorial to the King's Liverpool Regiment
  • William Gladstone monument, who was Prime Minister and born in Rodney Street
  • James Nugent monument, a founder of schools and orphanages
  • Thomas Lester, founder of Kirkdale Industrial School for children of the working classes and of Stanley Hospital
  • Arthur Forwood, merchant and shipowner, Liverpool's mayor and conservative MP
  • William Rathbone, founder of the district nursing movement and the University of Liverpool