Fees for domestic extensions and alterations

Exemptions for disabled people

If work is to provide access or facilities in an existing building, or is an extension to store medical equipment or provide medical treatment for a disabled person, no charge is payable. Your application must be supported by appropriate evidence in order to claim this exemption.

Standard charges

Ground floor, single storey, two storey extensions and detached buildings
Category New floor area Full plans application (Inc VAT) Building notice charge (Inc VAT) Regularisation (VAT exempt)
    Plan charge Inspection charge    
1 Less than 10m2 £132 £264 £396 £528
2 Between 10m2 and 40m2 £174 £330 £504 £672
3 Over 40m2 £240 £480 £720 £960
4 Garages, detached buildings more than 30m2 and garage conversions £132 £264 £396 £528
Loft and basement conversions
Category New floor area Full plans application (Inc VAT) Building notice charge (Inc VAT) Regularisation (VAT exempt)
    Plan charge Inspection charge    
5 Loft conversion without a dormer not exceeding 50m2 £192 £264 £456 £608
6 Loft conversion with a dormer not exceeding 50m2 £228 £300 £528 £704
7 Basement conversion not exceeding 50m2 £240 £480 £720 £960
Underpinning, structural alterations, internal alterations, renovation of walls or floors, roof replacement and drainage
Category Construction value Full plans application (Inc VAT) Building notice charge (Inc VAT) Regularisation (VAT exempt)
  Cost of building work, excluding architect and engineer fees Plan charge Inspection charge    
8 Construction value up to £1,000 £180 Included in plan charge £180 £240
9 Construction value between £1,001 and £2,000 £228 Included in plan charge £228 £304
10 Construction value between £2,001 and £5,000 £336 Included in plan charge £336 £448
11 Construction value between £5,001 and £10,000 £192 £264 £456 £608
12 Construction value between £10,001 and £20,000 £240 £360 £600 £800
Other alterations and building works to domestic buildings
Category Type of work Application charge (Inc VAT) Regularisation (VAT exempt)
13 Window replacement (10 units or less) if not FENSA registered £144 £192
14 Window replacement (more than 10 units) if not FENSA registered £252 £336
15 Boiler, wood burner, oil, coal or gas fire when not installed by a registered competent person £144 £192
16 Cavity wall insulation when not installed by a licensed installer £24 £32
17 Electrical work carried out by a person who is not a registered Part P competent person.  See 'surcharges and reductions' below for additional requirements. £456  £608

Surcharges and reductions

Category 17 electrical works

  • Where electrical work is carried out by an electrician who is not registered with a Part P competent person's scheme and cannot issue the relevant BS7671 certificate, there will be an additional charge of £500 (plus £100 VAT) or £800 for Regularisation applications. This is for a competent approved domestic installer to test the electrical system, following council procedures.
  • If the applicant can provide an acceptable test certificate compliant with BS7671 and we do not have to test the work, there will be a reduction of £150 (plus £30 VAT).

Categories 8-10 and 13

There is a 50% reduction of the full plan or building notice for categories 8 to 10 and category 13 if the work is carried out at the same time as any work listed in categories 1 to 7 for the following:

  • If installation or replacement of windows and or doors in a dwelling-house (under 10 units).
  • Where the work comes withing the scope of schedule 2 and the estimated cost of the building work does not exceed £5000 i.e. categories 8-10 inc).

Other works or works over £20,000

If the work being carried out is not listed in the table above or the estimated cost is over £20,000 please email building.control​@liverpool.gov.uk detailing the proposed work and its construction value and we will contact you within one working day. You can also contact the following officers:

Other charges

Additional site visits

Charges are based on a maximum of 10 site inspections.  Not all work will require this many inspections but if more than 10 inspections are required we may make an additional charge based upon an hourly rate.


Where invoices are issued we expect payment within 28 days. If debt recovery exceeds 60 days a default charge for recovery of £125 will be applied in addition to the outstanding amount.

Completion inspections after 12 months

There will be an additional charge of £75 for completion inspections where 12 months have passed since the previous inspection.

How to pay

Once you've submitted your building regulations application, you can pay your fee or invoice:


If you're paying an application fee, you'll need your application reference number.

Pay application fee  

If you're paying an invoice, you'll need your invoice number.

Pay an invoice 

Over the phone

You can pay over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling 0151 233 3021, quoting your online application reference number or your name and address if you've sent a paper application.