Building regulation fees for new dwellings

There are two application types for new dwellings - full plans and building notice. 

The charges are based on the number of homes being built and the different design types for each dwelling. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Large or complex developments

For larger developments of more than 6 dwellings, fees may be negotiable. This includes where there are more than 6 house or flat types, or where the floor area of individual dwellings exceed 500m2.  Please get in touch so we can assess the charge.

You can email detailing the proposed work and we will provide you with a fee quote. You can also email Phil Smith, Building Control Manager at

Other charges

Additional site visits

Charges are based on a maximum of 10 site inspections.  Not all work will require this many inspections but if more than 10 inspections are required we may make an additional charge based upon an hourly rate.


Where invoices are issued we expect payment within 28 days. If debt recovery exceeds 60 days a default charge for recovery of £125 will be applied in addition to the outstanding amount.

Completion inspections after 12 months

There will be an additional charge of £75 for completion inspections where 12 months have passed since the previous inspection.

How to pay

Once you've submitted your building regulations application, you can pay your fee or invoice:


If you're paying an application fee, you'll need your application reference number.

Pay application fee  

If you're paying an invoice, you'll need your invoice number.

Pay an invoice  

Over the phone

You can pay over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling 0151 233 3021, quoting your application reference or invoice number or your name and address if you've sent a paper application.