Joint Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan

The Waste Local Plan has now been adopted.

In summary the Adoption Notice states that the Joint Merseyside & Halton Waste Local Plan was adopted by all six Councils with effect from 18th July 2013. 

The Waste Local Plan is adopted with modifications and that a summary of the main modifications (as detailed in the Inspector’s Report) is set out in Appendix 1 to the Statement.

The main modifications, and additional minor modifications, are also set out in full in the Schedule of modifications document reference EXAM-071-Schedule of ALL Proposed Modifications 18 July 2012 available via Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service website or by calling them on 0151 934 4951.

The period for making an application to the High Court that the Plan should not have been adopted has now passed and therefore the Waste Local Plan is now fully in force.  The adoption of the Waste Local Plan requires amendments to Liverpool’s adopted Unitary Development Plan Proposals Map.  As these involve changes to very small areas on the Proposals Map the City Council is not reprinting it in full, instead the amendments are posted here:

The Waste Local Plan together with the Waste Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report and supporting documentation is available to view in the Waste Local Plan Document Archive on the Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service website