Environmental protection service privacy notice

Who is the Data Controller for the information I provide?

The information that you provide will be processed by Liverpool City Council, which is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

What is the legal basis for collecting and processing this data?

We will process your information for the purposes of meeting our statutory obligations.

We will process your data in order to provide our service to you for the purposes of the enforcement of statutory food safety legislation, health and safety legislation, public health legislation, and animal health legislation. We will process your information without consent when we are legally allowed to do so.

This will only be where it is in our legitimate interests to do so and where we are confident that such processing is not likely to prejudice your legitimate interests or rights and freedoms.

What information we may collect from you?

In order to fulfil its statutory obligations, the Commercial Service collects a range of information about you. This includes:

  • Your name, address, business name and address, age, telephone number, date of birth (only requested for formal proceedings), occupation.
  • For the purposes of the investigation of infectious diseases, standard questionnaires ask about food, environmental and lifestyle exposures for certain infections and may include details about sexual activity.

Do I have to provide this information, and what will happen if I don’t?

If you use the council’s Commercial Service then you need to provide the information requested.

Who will your information be shared with?

We may share your information with other council departments and external organisations such as the Food Standards Agency, the Health and Safety Executive, Public Health England, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Police, and other local authorities.

How long will you keep this information for and why?

We will only keep your information for as long as it is required to deliver the services that we provide. The Commercial Service has a nine-year retention policy for data held. This retention timescale has been set to meet the requirements of external auditing of our services. Please see What we do with your data for the council's full retention schedule.

How will my information be stored?

Your information will be stored securely on our computer databases. Access to these databases will be restricted to those who are entitled to view and process your data.

Source of the data if we are recipient and hold it for others

We receive information from you but we may also receive and hold information from internal Council departments and external organisations on your behalf. This information helps us to deliver the service to you.

Will this information be used to take automated decisions about me?


Will my data be transferred abroad?


What rights do I have when it comes to my data?

You have a number of rights that are set out on the How to access your data page of this section.

Where can I get advice?

View our Help and advice page for more information.