Property management privacy notice

Who is the data controller for the information I provide?

Liverpool City Council is the data controller for any personal information you.

Why we are collecting your data

To process your query or request in relation to property management services.

What is the legal process for collecting and processing this data?

We are required to collect data in order to fulfil legal obligations and official public tasks as a public authority, provided for within Articles 6 and 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to deal effectively with your query.

The information we may collect 

This will be dependent upon the query that is being raised.

Do I have to provide this information, and what will happen if I don’t?

In most instances it will be yourself that is raising the query directly with the council. If you do not provide the council with sufficient information then we may be unable to address your query, any further issues which may arise as a result.

Who will your information be shared with?

To process your query effectively your information will need to be shared with other departments within the council and possibly other agencies and organisations. Within the council your information will only be passed to officers within the relevant departments who are responsible for handling your query. In those circumstances where we are required to share your information with other organisations, we will ensure this is done in a secure manner, and that the information shared is proportionate in order for us to deal with your issue.

How long will you keep this information for?

Please see What we do with your data for the council's full retention schedule.

How will my information be stored?

All information you provide to us will be stored in a range of different secure management systems applicable to the type of service we have been engaged to provide, on secure internal IT and email systems.

Will this information be used to take automated decisions about me?


Will my data be transferred abroad?


What rights do I have when it comes to my data?

You have a number of rights that are set out on the How to access your data page of this section.

Where can I get advice?

View our Help and advice page for more information.