Adult Learning Service Liverpool

Learner support

We offer targeted support for our learners in financial difficulty, as well support for our learners with additional learning needs.

Financial support for learners

We have two funds designed to help learners in financial difficulty. The Learner Support Fund and the Advanced Learning Loan Bursary Fund are both discretionary funds for learners aged 19 and over on 31st August 2022. This money can help with the cost of:

  • transport
  • books
  • equipment
  • digital support
  • childcare for learners aged 20 and over

How to apply for financial support

To apply, please ask your tutor about discretionary learner support when you enrol. Funding is limited and we cannot guarantee all applicants will be given an award.

If you already have a free childcare place please use it. If you do choose to apply for childcare support, you must have a place with an Ofsted registered childcare provider confirmed in writing. Childcare support can only be given for the day of the course and placement days. 

Support for learners with additional needs

We offer support to learners aged 19 and over on 31st August 2022 with additional learning needs to help them access and participate fully in their course. Types of on-site support include:

  • switching classrooms to enable easier access
  • arranging alternative seating arrangements
  • adapting teaching materials or teaching style
  • offering course information in different formats

We can also offer:

  • specialist software or other adapted equipment
  • support from a learning support officer
  • adapted resources
  • additional study support sessions online or in a centre

How to get support if you have additional needs

Please speak to your tutor about the additional support you need at your initial assessment, or when you enrol.

Your tutor or learning support officer will then complete an assessment with you to identify the type of support you need, and submit an application to the learning support team.