Adult Social Care

Tell us about a vulnerable adult who might need support

What to do if you're concerned about a vulnerable adult, such as a friend or elderly neighbour.

If someone has had a fall or is in immediate danger, call 999.
If you think someone is being treated badly, report abuse or neglect of an adult.

You might be concerned if a vulnerable person over 18 is finding it difficult to cope if:

  • they are not looking after themselves or their home as they normally would
  • they seem frail or confused
  • there are signs of injury or mobility problems
  • they are being exploited or abused
  • they seem to have mental health problems

What to do

If you don't know the person well:

  • speak to them first and ask if they are OK and if they want help
  • ask if they have family or friends in the area who can help and if you can call them
In most cases you won't need to contact us as their family and friends will be able to help.

But if you do need to contact us, please tell us as much information about the person you can, including:

  • their name and address
  • the reason you are worried about them
  • their date of birth, or age if you know it
  • details of their family, if you can
  • any other information that could help us find out who they are

When contacting us about a vulnerable adult you do not know well, please submit a general enquiry.

What happens next

We will speak to the person within 14 days, or sooner if it is more urgent to make sure they're safe.

We may call the police or ask a social worker to visit - and we'll ask the person what they want to happen too.