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Liverpool community funeral services

A Liverpool community funeral is a low-cost service that the local funeral directors listed on this page offer.

If you live in Liverpool, you can ask the listed providers for a community funeral regardless of how much money or savings you have.

How much?

A community funeral costs up to £1,000 and for that fee the funeral director will:

  • collect the deceased
  • provide an oak casket, or similar, with an engraved nameplate, interior and handles
  • keep the deceased in the chapel of rest
  • arrange and supervise the funeral service

Additional fees

In addition to the £1,000 charged for the services above, the following fees apply:

  • burial fee: £2,128 for a new grave. Burial in a family-owned grave costs £960
  • cremation fee: £980
  • medical fee: £164
  • minister or celebrant’s fee: approximately £190

Optional services

You can also ask the funeral director for the cost of the following optional services:

  • embalming
  • limousines
  • floral tributes
  • newspaper notices

List of funeral directors

The following funeral directors provide Liverpool community funeral services. Please be aware that we do not quality check any of the services they offer.

Desmond L Bannon and Sons
The Whitehouse
Broadgreen Road
L13 5SF
Tel: 0151 228 2272

Kane Funeral Services
228 Breck Road
L5 6PX
Tel: 0151 378 8547

Kane Funeral Services
33 Hall Lane
L36 6AB
Tel: 0151 271 3261

Debbie Bennett Funeral Directors
31 High Street
L34 6HE
Tel: 0151 426 3131

Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral Directors
3 Allerton Road
Mossley Hill
L18 1LG
Tel: 0151 318 4660

Contact us

Please contact us for general information about community funerals. Once you have chosen your funeral director, we cannot offer any further advice.