The Coroner

Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for the Liverpool and Wirral Coroner Area is Mr André Rebello BSc (Hons) Solicitor. The Area Coroner is Ms Anita Bhardwaj BA (Hons) Solicitor. They both investigate sudden deaths reported by the police and answer questions from members of the public about inquests. See our privacy notice for details of how we collect and store personal data.

Investigations listed to be reviewed

Week commencing Monday 17th December 2018
Date Time Name Age Court
Monday 17th December 10:00 Michal Piotr Netyks 35 1
Monday 17th December 10:30 Alexandria Sara Wright 24 2
Monday 17th December 14:00 Margaret Emily Dorman (Review) 79 2
Tuesday 18th December 10:00 Michal Piotr Netyks 35 1
Tuesday 18th December 10:00 Andrew John Gerrard 38 2
Tuesday 18th December 11:00 Susan Williams (Review) 68 2
Tuesday 18th December 11:30 John Anthony Barker (Review) 30 2
Tuesday 18th December 12:30 Sara T'Rula (Review) 34 2
Wednesday 19th December 10:00 Michal Piotr Netyks 35 1
Wednesday 19th December 11:00 Michael Carl Woodburn 29 2
Wednesday 19th December 12:00 David Brady 36 2
Wednesday 19th December 14:00 Pauline Marie Tomlinson 59 2
Wednesday 19th December 15:30 Philip Jones 66 2
Thursday 20th December 14:30 Debra White 54 1
Friday 21st December   No inquests listed    
Week commencing Monday 24th December 2018
Date Time Name Age Court
Monday 24th December   No inquests listed    
Tuesday 25th December   No inquests listed    
Wednesday 26th December   No inquests listed    
Thursday 27th December   No inquests listed    
Friday 28th December   No inquests listed    


Gerard Majella Courthouse
Boundary Street
L5 2QD

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Out of hours

Outside normal office hours, sudden, violent and unexpected deaths should be reported through any police officer.

Opening hours

Monday 08:30 16:15
Tuesday 08:30 16:15
Wednesday 08:30 16:15
Thursday 08:30 16:15
Friday 08:30 16:15