Business rates brief guide to recovery

Paying on time

Allow up to seven days for payments to reach us by the due date.

If you don’t pay on time, we will send you a Reminder and Final Notice.

If you receive a Reminder and Final Notice and are unable to pay, contact us immediately to agree a suitable payment arrangement.

When a summons is issued

If the payment is not brought up to date or we do not hear from you, you will lose your right to pay by instalments and you will be sent a summons. You will incur costs and charges as a result of this course of action

Unless the summons is served incorrectly, we will not normally withdraw it.

If you receive a  summons and are unable to pay, contact us immediately to agree a suitable payment arrangement.

Court hearings

At the court hearing, which you have a right to attend, we will apply for a Liability Order which will give us additional powers to collect the money you owe.

If we obtain a Liability Order and all other attempts to reach a payment arrangement fail, we will pass the debt to our enforcement agents.

You will incur further costs and charges as a result of this.

If the enforcement agents are unsuccessful, we can apply to the Magistrates Court for committal proceedings or commence proceedings to make you bankrupt or liquidate your company.

As a result of either of these courses of action, further costs and charges will be incurred.

Fee structure for enforcement agents

From 6 April 2014, a new fee structure for enforcement came into effect. This change has been brought about by changes to the Regulations and applies to all local authorities.

Consequently, if you do not pay your Business Rates you will incur substantially more costs.

Enforcement agent fees as of 6th April 2014
Stage Fixed fee Percentage fee Trigger
Compliance Fee £75.00 0% Enforcement agent receives instruction
Enforcement £235.00 7.5% of debt >£1,500  First attendance to relevant property
Sale £110.00 7.5% of debt >£1,500 First attendance for purpose of transporting goods to place of sale

Remember, if you are unable to pay please contact us straight away.