Coronavirus update - support for businesses

Central government has issued information about a range of measures to help businesses including business rates discounts, statutory sick pay refunds, a business loan scheme, cash grants for small businesses and ‘time to pay’ tax arrangements. Find out more about Coronavirus support

How to pay your business rates

'Business rates' is the term commonly used for non-domestic rates which are charged on most non-domestic premises, including most commercial properties such as shops, offices, pubs, warehouses and factories.

If you use a building or part of a building for business, you will probably have to pay business rates. Please be aware that business rate inclusive rental agreements are not binding and the occupier is legally responsible for paying all business rates.

If a property is empty, the person entitled to possession e.g. the key holder, lease holder, owner, administrator or executor will have to pay the Empty Property Rate. Please see the empty properties page for more information on the empty property rate.

If you pay business rates, you may be eligible for rate relief. Please see our relief and reductions section for more information.

Your premises will be given a rateable value by the Valuation Office Agency at Please see our rateable value page for more information.

Business rate instalments

Payment of business rate bills is automatically set on a 10-monthly cycle. However, the government has announced that it will legislate to allow businesses to ask for their business rate bills to be spread over 12 months to help with cash flow.

If you would like to apply to extend your monthly instalments over 12 months (April to March) instead of 10 (April to January) please contact us.

How to pay

Pay online


Please allow at least seven days for your payment to reach us.

Sign up for e-billing

Sign up to receive your bills by email. E-billing is more convenient, fast and environmentally friendly - no more paper bills. If you have several properties you only need to sign up once. 

Register online for e-billing

Register online for e-billing (multi owners)

Change in circumstances

It is important that you tell us about changes that might affect your business rates, such as:

  • Change of contact address - where and when you moved.
  • Change of business address - where and when you moved.
  • If you ceased trading and when.

 Any changes not reported may result in you paying more than you should. Please contact us to notify us of any change.

How your bill is calculated

The formula for calculating your bill is set by central government. We work out the bill by multiplying the rateable value of the property by the appropriate multiplier. There are two multipliers for 2019/20:

  1. The standard non-domestic rating multiplier which is 49.1p in the pound.
  2. The small business non-domestic rating multiplier which is 50.4p in the pound.

Can I appeal?

Further information about the new appeals arrangements can be provided from us or from the Valuation Office.

If you appeal you must still pay the rates shown on your rates bill until the result of your appeal is determined.