Do I need a selective licence?

There are 16 wards in Liverpool where privately-rented properties must have a licence. Use the postcode look-up below to see if your property is in a ward where a licence is needed.

My property is in Liverpool, why isn’t it showing?

Occasionally properties within the Liverpool boundary may not appear in the dropdown list in the look-up. This may be due to:

  • the postcode being entered incorrectly
  • the address displaying differently - for example flats numbered 1,2,3, instead of A, B, C 
  • our records being out of date

Please look right to the end of the dropdown list for your address. If you still cannot see it, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why are addresses outside Liverpool not found?

The scheme is only for properties in 16 wards within the Liverpool boundary. The postcode look-up will only find Liverpool-based properties.

If you don't know which council boundary your property is in, check if the council tax bill is issued by Liverpool City Council. Failing this, if the property has a purple general waste bin it will be in the Liverpool boundary.

Why can I see commercial premises?

The postcode look-up contains all buildings in Liverpool. We have left commercial premises in the look-up as some properties are mixed-use buildings.

What wards are in the scheme?

The table below shows which wards are covered by the scheme and which ones are not. 

Table of wards in and out of the selective licence scheme area
Wards where a licence is required Wards where a licence is not required
Anfield Allerton and Hunts Cross
Central Belle Vale
County Childwall
Everton Church
Fazakerley Clubmoor
Greenbank Cressington
Kensington and Fairfield Croxteth
Kirkdale Knotty Ash
Old Swan Mossley Hill
Picton Norris Green
Princes Park Speke-Garston
Riverside West Derby
St Michaels Woolton
Tuebrook and Stoneycroft Yew Tree
Warbeck  -
Wavertree  -