Licensing and permits

Charitable collection permits

Do I need a permit?

You must obtain a permit from the council to carry out charitable collections.

How to apply

Before submitting an application form, please contact us to check which dates and locations are available.

We issue permits for all areas and wards in Liverpool, but applicants should be aware that:

  • No permits are issued for outside Liverpool Football Stadium or the Anfield area on match days.
  • Only one permit is ever issued for outside Goodison Park or the Everton area on match days.
  • We do not issue permits for Liverpool One - please contact
  • The number of permits allowed in each ward/area is three – the amount of collectors is at the discretion of the Licensing Unit.
  • We require 28 days’ notice for each application.

Application forms

Please return completed forms to

Our policy and regulations

Effective charitable work often depends on securing adequate resources. In many cases this depends on effective fundraising. As fundraising is one of the principal influences on the public's perception of charity, the methods used and the integrity of the fundraising are crucial to public confidence.

It is very important that trustees manage and control fundraising effectively, efficiently and economically. The council expects the highest standards to be adopted, and systems protecting the money raised should be put into place.

The council has adopted this policy in order to help promoters and the general public to understand the processes that apply to the approval of charitable collections.

Read our street collection regulations in full:

National exemption order scheme

Organisations can generally obtain national exemption orders if they have house-to-house collections licences in at least 70 to 100 local authority licensing areas for the two preceding years.