Carrying wheelchair users and disabled passengers

All black cab drivers and private hire drivers with a suitable vehicle must carry passengers who use a wheelchair, unless they are granted an exemption on medical grounds.

You must also help to load wheelchairs on and off your vehicle and must not charge any extra for this service.

You are breaking the law and may be prosecuted if you drive a designated wheelchair accessible vehicle and:

  • refuse to carry a passenger using a wheelchair
  • refuse to give them assistance
  • charge extra for this service

Drivers who are not exempt must also accept customers with assistance dogs and must not charge extra for them. 

List of wheelchair accessible vehicles

All licensed black cabs and private hire vehicles that can carry a designated reference wheelchair are automatically added to the list below, unless the driver is exempt.

View a list of all taxis licensed to carry wheelchairs

Can I be exempted?

If you have a medical condition that makes it impossible or very difficult for you to help wheelchair users you can apply for an exemption certificate.

Please download the form below and take it to your GP surgery. You must pay for any fees your GP may charge.

If you are granted an exemption you will be issued with a certificate which you must display in your taxi.

How to load a wheelchair

Please view the videos below which give guidance on how to load a wheelchair safely on to your vehicle.