Fees associated with taxi licence renewal

Renewal fees
Type of fee or certificate Amount
Liverpool Standard Part 1 Certificate Varies according to each approved training provider
Street Knowledge Test £65
Medical Certificate Fees vary
Certificate of Disclosure via Personnel Checks £58.49 and 2% for Credit Card payments. *
DVLA Mandate via Personnel Checks £24 plus VAT and 2% for Credit Card payments. *
Post Office verification and checks £10.50
Licence issue fee (once licence has been granted)** £150 (three year licence)
£60.00 for over 65’s only (one year licence)

* Please note the 2% charge is not a charge imposed by Liverpool City Council.

** We are currently applying a £30 discount to the issue fee (pending a review). This means that the total you pay for a three year licence (excluding any charges made for Liverpool Part 2 Certificate and your medical certificate) will be £273.57.