Support for refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants

Our Liverpool helps vulnerable migrants, people seeking asylum and those with refugee status:

  • get the support they are entitled to get
  • live independent and healthy lives
  • contribute their skills to Liverpool society

What do we do?

We help with the following:

  • Education: We get school-aged children into a classroom as fast as possible, and work with schools and other organisations to make this happen.

  • Community development: Our team members based in Picton, Tuebrook and Kensington children’s centres link those in need up with all the services they are entitled to access.

  • Employment: We help refugees find a job, work experience or a chance to volunteer or study.

  • Wellbeing: We will provide more places on the 5 ways to wellbeing course for people new to our city, as well as other learners.

  • Learning English: English classes with a crèche are open to people with refugee status or asylum seekers who have been waiting a decision for over six months.

How can I access help?

Is you are a refugee or asylum seeker in Liverpool, or you know someone who would benefit from our help, please contact us.