Council Tax

Understanding your Council Tax reminder notice

If you miss a Council Tax payment we will send you a reminder notice asking you to make your payment. Here, we explain how the notice is broken down and what it means.

What your reminder notice means

1. Automated payment line

You can pay your bill by calling the automated payment line. The number is free to call from landlines and mobiles. You will need your Council Tax reference number which is printed on your reminder notice (number 3) and your payment card. 

2. Direct line

You can use either of these numbers to speak to an adviser and also pay over the phone. The 0800 number is free to call from landlines and mobiles.

3. Payment reference

This is your Council Tax account number. You must quote this number if you want to speak to us about your reminder notice or make a payment. You will also need this to set up or access your Council Tax account online.

4. Online key

You will need the online key if you want to set up or access your Council Tax account online. You will need to type it exactly as it appears on your bill. For example, a capital letter must be entered as a capital letter. This key will change each time we issue a new bill so always view your latest bill for your online key.

5. Date of issue

This is the date your Council tax reminder notice was produced.

6. Property address

This is the address of the property that the Council Tax reminder notice is for.

7. Name and address

The name of the person(s) registered/responsible for paying the bill, and their contact address. The address shown here may be different to the property address on the right-hand side of the reminder notice (number 6). For example, if the property is unoccupied and the bill is issued to the person registered for Council Tax instead of the property address.

8. QR code

Scan this QR code to pay your current overdue Council Tax payment online.

9. Overdue Council Tax

This is the amount you must pay within 7 days of the date of the reminder notice. Any payment you have made in the last few days may not be included in this balance.

You may owe other outstanding balances which are not included in this reminder notice. 

To check payments you have made, view outstanding balances and when future payments are due, you can set up or access your Council Tax account online.

10. Payment options

These are the different ways you can pay your Council Tax. This includes online, setting up a direct debit, calling the automated payment line, online banking and at a Post Office or Paypoint.

11. Council Tax account online

You can set up or access your Council Tax account online. With an online account you can see your balance, payments you've made and check when future payments are due.

12. Payment within 7 days

The balance on the reminder notice must be paid within 7 days or you will lose your right to pay by monthly instalments in future. You will then have to pay the full Council Tax that is due for the remainder of the financial year immediately.