Council Tax

Access your Council Tax account online

If you are registered to pay Council Tax to Liverpool City Council, you can manage your account online. You just need your Council Tax reference number and online key, which you'll find on your latest bill.

If you are new to the city or liable to pay Council Tax for the first time, you won't be able to set up an online account until you have registered to pay Council Tax.

With an online Council Tax account you can:

  • view your payment history
  • view a breakdown of charges and payments in previous years
  • view copies of letters we’ve sent to you
  • apply for single person discount
  • notify us of a change of address
  • set up or change a Direct Debit (you can do this without your online key).
  • upload evidence that we may have asked for (you can do this without your online key).

You'll need your Council Tax account number, postcode and online key.

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Where to find your Council Tax account number and online key

Your Council Tax reference (account number) and online key are printed in the top right corner of your latest bill or summons notice.

You'll need both of these if you want to set up your account online.

Council Tax bill illustration, showing the locations of the Reference Number and Online Key

Can’t find your Council Tax reference or online key?

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