Council Tax

Manageable Council Tax repayments

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax and would like to agree a more manageable payment arrangement, you can complete the online personal financial statement.

At the end of the process, you will be able to view your total income and expenditure and make an offer of how much you can afford to pay towards your Council Tax arrears.

Before you start

Before you begin you will need to provide details of your weekly or monthly income and declare any contributions to household expenses made by all adults living with you.

It will be useful to also have the following information to hand before you start the process:

  • Council Tax reference
  • Employment details and payroll number
  • Benefit entitlements
  • National Insurance number
  • Pension details

We’ll also need to know how much you spend on household bills, from rent and mortgage payments to food, nursery, travel and any other spends, loans or savings.

Start the application

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

What happens next?

We will review your offer, and get in touch with you once we have made a decision, usually within 10 working days.