How the council works


The council has agreed a constitution which sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the council to choose. The constitution is divided into 8 Parts, 14 Articles.

The council

The full council is made up of 90 locally elected councillors who make decisions on how to improve local services on behalf of local people. The way in which councillors make decisions is informed by the ideas of the political parties they represent.

Liverpool has an elected City Mayor. The current Mayor is Joanne Anderson. The Mayor chairs the cabinet which is made up of nine appointed members with defined responsibilities or 'portfolios'. 

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool is chosen by the council and is the city's first citizen and representative.


Decisions and scrutiny of activities are undertaken through a range of Committees and Panels, including:

  • Cabinet - chaired by the City Mayor and comprising nine cabinet members each with specific responsibilities assigned by the City Mayor.
  • Select Committees - these monitor decisions made by the City Mayor and Cabinet and also examine ongoing performance within the City Council.
  • Scrutiny Panels - these are focused panels established by one or more Select Committee to undertake an in-depth examination of a particular issue or service
  • Regulatory Committees - these discharge a range of regulatory functions relating to planning and licensing matters.
  • Other committees.

Find out more about the above committees.


The day-to-day management of the council and its services is carried out by the Management Team.

  • Theresa Grant, Interim Chief Executive
  • Matt Ashton, Director of Public Health
  • Mark Bourgeois, Interim Director of City
  • Ian Duncan, Acting Director of Finance and Resources and Acting S151 Officer
  • Dan Fenwick, Monitoring Officer
  • Anne Marie Lubanski, Director of Adult Services and Health
  • Claire McColgan CBE, Interim Strategic Director, Neighbourhoods
  • Jacqui McKinlay, Chief Operating Officer
  • Camilla Mankabady, Director of Communications
  • Steve Reddy, Director of Children and Young People's Services