Environmental problems

Grass cutting and ground maintenance

We maintain roadside grass verges, hedges, shrubs, flowerbeds and weeds on council-owned land.

Why we are cutting grass less often

We are mowing grass in our parks, greenspaces and highways less often to help boost biodiversity as part our net zero carbon goal for 2030.

View our grass cutting look-up to see if the grass in your area is cut fully, partially or picture framed.

When to report an issue

If you think there is an urgent need to cut back grass because is it is causing a hazard, please submit a request using the form below. You can also tell us if an area has not been cut or maintained correctly, including:

  • weeds on roads or paths - before you report this issue please check our weed spraying schedule
  • damage to grass verges, grass and planted areas
  • shredded litter on grass
  • fallen leaves

Please note that private land is the responsibility of the landowner.

Report a ground maintenance issue

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