Leisure and wellbeing

Pitch hire allocation policy

The criteria for the allocation of senior pitches are as follows:

  • Teams to be allocated a half share pitch (where requested), subject to having agreed with the terms and conditions of the pitch hire agreement.
  • Pitch allocation will be linked to the playing level of the team and the demands of the league in which the teams(s) participate.
  • Local teams to be offered local facilities (long standing preference, whenever possible).
  • Applications will be considered within the context of the statements set out above and equal opportunity will therefore be offered to all teams.
  • Late applications will be only considered after all other applications have been completed, including the allocation of pitches to new teams.
  • Applications from teams with any outstanding debt will not be considered until outstanding debts are repaid. This includes all teams with existing debt recovery plans organised with LCC debt recovery. Which is a separate department from Streetscene Parks and Greenspaces.
  • In the event of the demand for pitches outweighing the supply, teams who have been unsuccessful in their application will be advised to contact other pitch providers, which may include schools/education sites and private grounds.
  • Hire of a pitch is based on a half share. Ideally teams will share with a team from their own respective leagues.
  • Pitch hire fees are linked to pitch level of maintenance received.