Libraries and archives

Music parts service

We have a collection of approximately 2,000 orchestral sets and 2,000 sets of vocal scores, which we lend to orchestras and choirs throughout the UK, through a subscription service.

How to subscribe

If you want to loan items from us, you must subscribe to the service and pay an annual fee by contacting the Music Parts Service. Users of this service tend to be organisations such as choirs, schools, universities and orchestras, rather than individuals.

Subscription fees and how to pay

If your organisation is based in Liverpool the fee is £28. If your organisation is outside of Liverpool, the fee is £58. We will ask you to provide proof of address.

You can pay by cheque to Liverpool City Council, or by BACS. For BACS payments, we will send an invoice to you with the details you will need to make your payment.

How to order items

You can browse the Encore! website for a list of all items available for loan.

You can contact the music parts service to order items and arrange delivery to your address, for an extra charge.

At present, only the sets of vocal scores are available on the Liverpool Libraries catalogue.

Collecting items

You can make an appointment to collect your items in person at the Music Parts Service based Central.

If you prefer, you can request your items be delivered to your address when you place your order. There will be an additional charge for this.

How long can I borrow items?

At least six months. Further renewals for three-month periods are possible, providing no other subscriber has requested the set.