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Disabled parking bays on Ranelagh Street

All disabled parking bays on Ranelagh Street have been relocated to the opposite side of the road from Central Station and can now be accessed from Hanover Street, driving up from the waterfront.

Blue Badge (disabled) spaces

When can I park?

Blue Badge holders can park in designated Blue Badge bays, and any other pay and display bays, free of charge all day.

Parking in some disabled bays is time limited and some pay and display areas become taxi ranks in the evenings, so please be sure to check the signs when you park to avoid being issued with a penalty charge notice.

A Blue Badge does not give you licence to park anywhere - for instance you must not park in business permit bays or in any place where you cause an obstruction or danger to other road users. You can be fined, be given a Penalty Charge Notice or have your vehicle removed if you park illegally.

How much?

Parking in Blue Badge bays and any other pay and display bays is free of charge for Blue Badge holders.

Find spaces on the map

Click on the pins on the map below for more information for each of the bays including:

  • Number of spaces at each location.
  • Opening times, if applicable.
  • Number of spaces with access to a dropped kerb.
  • Whether spaces are marked out individually, to allow sufficient length for wheelchair users to access the rear of their vehicles.

To zoom in or out, click on the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons in the lower right corner of the map.