Conservation Areas

The city has 36 conservation areas covering about 9% of the city area and protecting some 19,000 properties.

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There are national planning controls if your property is in a conservation area and guidance on these rules can be found on the Planning Portal

Article 4 Directions

In Liverpool we also have additional planning controls introduced under Article 4 Directions which cover most of the city’s conservation areas.

Under a Direction, any works that change the external appearance of a building, or affect its grounds may require planning permission from the council.

If you are a householder this includes alterations such as minor extensions, alterations to the roof including roof covering, chimneys, dormers and rooflights, changing windows or doors, external cladding, new gates, hard-standing and sometimes alterations to the boundary walls.

In the Kensington Fields, Knotty Ash and Toxteth Park and the Avenues Conservation Areas, the Article 4 Directions only apply to elevations that front a highway but all other Article 4 Directions in Liverpool apply to all elevations. In deciding whether to grant planning permission, the council has a duty to protect the city’s heritage and all proposals are considered with this in mind.

For further guidance on the need for planning permission as result of national planning controls or an Article 4 Direction, please contact us.

For information on other heritage assets, please visit our heritage assets page.