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Tree Preservation Orders

If we believe certain trees or woodland contribute to the local environment, we can protect them with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and you’ll need our consent to carry out any work to protected trees.

Read the full guidance on GOV.UK for Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas.

You may also find our tree preservation and planting advice note useful:

If a tree is dead or dangerous, you don’t need to apply for consent, but you’ll still need to contact us to prove that the work falls within an exemption.

Find out if your tree is protected

Use the map below to find the locations of properties that are subject to a TPO and download the orders, or contact us to find out before carrying out any works.

View a map with TPO locations

Due to the volume of data the map will take roughly 20 seconds to fully load.

1. Select 'property search' at the top of the page. This will centre the map on the Liverpool area.

Select property search

2. Enter the postcode or street name you wish to locate and click 'OK'.

Enter postcode or street name

3. Select a property, then minimise the box by clicking on the purple arrow.

Select a property

4. Click on the map pin (highlighted yellow) for the selected property and an information box will open. Click on the '+' to expand the 'Tree preservation orders' and/or 'conservation areas' data links.

Click on the plus sign to expand the list

5. This will open up a purple box showing the TPO number and location and the option to download the TPO.

Option to download the TPO

Things to note

  • Red hatchings on the map indicate TPO areas.
  • Blue hatchings on the map indicate conservation areas.

If there are no red or blue hatchings in the location you search for or no TPO/conservation area data when you select your property, this indicates you are not in a conservation area or the tree is not subject to a TPO. You can check this by selecting 'show layers' then 'TPOs & ConsAreas to the left of the screen, and make sure both layers are selected by ticking the box, as illustrated below:

TPO map red and blue hatchings

Works to trees covered by a TPO

You’ll need written consent from us to do any of the following works to a protected tree:

  • cutting down
  • topping
  • lopping
  • uprooting

Where we agree that pruning or removal is allowed, the TPO means we can control these actions and arrange for new planting to replace trees which are removed, if necessary.

Works to trees in conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas are also subject to protection, even if they’re not covered by a TPO. You’ll still need to apply for consent, giving six weeks’ notice, before you carry out any of the above works – this gives us the opportunity to consider whether an order should be made to protect the trees.

Check if your property is in a conservation area by using the TPO and conservation area map above.

Apply for consent

If you wish to carry out works to trees that are subject to a TPO or notify us of works to trees in a conservation area you can:

Apply online for tree works consent via the Planning Portal

Download the paper application form from the Planning Portal

Make sure you include the relevant documents and plans with your application:

Help text: Tree works

  • Validation guidance and local information requirements for planning applications

    Download this document: Validation guidance and local information requirements for planning applications (PDF: 1.1 MB)

    This sets out which documents are required for planning applications - the local list of validation requirements. This is in addition to the mandatory national requirements. All submissions will be reviewed against the requirements set out in the national and local list.

    First published: 29/04/2024

    Last updated: 15/05/2024

There is no fee to pay when applying for consent.

Request a copy of a TPO

Download for free

Use the TPO map above to download Tree Preservation Orders for free. See above for instructions on how to use the map.

Request a paper copy

You can request a paper copies from Legal Services to be posted out to you, but there will be an administration charge of £40 for each TPO.

If you know the TPO reference, please call 0151 233 0463.

If you don’t know the TPO reference, use the map or contact Planning Services in the first instance.

If we have requested a payment from you, you can pay online:

Pay online for a TPO