Conservation areas

Liverpool has 36 conservation areas covering 9% of the city area and protecting 19,000 properties. The areas are listed below or you can search by property on our mapping system.

Is your property in a conservation area?

Use the map below to find out if your property is in a conservation area.

View conservation area location map

If you live in a conservation area and are planning changes to your property

If you live in a conservation area, works to your property may be subject to an Article 4 direction. This means that any works that change the external appearance of a building, or affects its grounds may require planning permission - even if they would normally be allowed under permitted development.

If you are not sure if your home is in a conservation area, please use the map above or contact us before starting any building work.

List of conservation areas

  1. Albert Dock
  2. Canning Street
  3. Castle Street
  4. Childwall Abbey
  5. Derwent Square
  6. Duke Street
  7. Edge Hill
  8. Fulwood Park
  9. Gatacre Village
  10. Grassendale and Cressington Parks
  11. Grove Park
  12. Hartley's Village
  13. Hunts Cross Avenue
  14. Kensington Fields
  15. Knotty Ash
  16. Lark Lane
  17. Mossley Hill
  18. Mount Pleasant
  19. Muirhead Avenue
  20. Newenham Crescent
  21. Newsham Park
  22. Ogden Close
  23. Princes Park
  24. Princes Road
  25. Rodney Street
  26. Sefton Park
  27. Shaw Street 
  28. Stanley Dock
  29. St Michaels Hamlet
  30. Toxteth Park Avenues
  31. Walton on the Hill
  32. Wavertree Garden Suburb
  33. Wavertree Village
  34. West Derby
  35. William Brown Street
  36. Woolton Village