Adult Learning partners and funding

Liverpool Adult Learning Service works with a number of subcontractors to promote accessible, high quality, locally-delivered adult learning opportunities for the people of Liverpool.

Partners delivering courses in 2022

The following organisations are delivering courses for us in 2022.

Most courses last up to six weeks and are delivered through face-to-face and online learning. All providers will offer learners high quality information, advice and guidance with a commitment to ensuring positive progression outcomes for all participants into further learning, volunteering or employment.

These are non-accredited learning and training programmes for adults aged 19+.

Alt Valley Community Trust

Delivers a broad range of community-based courses which aim to improve the skills, confidence and employability of local residents. Provision includes a range of courses including basic counselling, driving theory, ESOL for beginners, creative writing and 'Love History'.


Everton Development Trust (EDT)

Delivers an innovative learning programme to residents who live in disadvantaged communities across the city. Providing support to improve the employability and career development of local residents. This is an established and trusted learning provider which aims to reach out to local residents who are experiencing extreme levels of exclusion.



Eduk8 works closely with local residents. Courses include building self-esteem and confidence, improving wellbeing, developing work skills, supporting enterprise and enhancing employment prospects. With strong links to local employers, Eduk8 also offers a range of health and social care courses including introduction to adult social care, mental health awareness and caring skills.


Granby-Toxteth Development Trust

This learning programme is focused on building learners’ skills through a broad range of courses such as driving theory for employment, ESOL courses and volunteering activities. They also offer local residents courses which support mental health and wellbeing such as dance, gardening and making mosaics. 


Speke Training and Education Centre (STEC)

Delivers a broad range of support activities on an outreach basis from a base on Speke Boulevard using community partners. Courses link to three themes:

  • improving employability - driving to work, skills passports and skills for social care
  • promoting digital inclusion - computers for survival
  • improving wellbeing - pyrography, building your confidence, mindfulness and healthy cookery


Grant retained policy

Our grant retained policy is intended for all current and prospective sub-contractors of Liverpool Adult Learning Service and provides details of our approach to ensuring its efficient and successful delivery.

The policy relates to the level of grant the service will retain for sub-contracting and is updated at the beginning of each academic year.